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Crypto Bibliography

This is a bibliography compiled by Phil Zimmermann for people who are interested in learning more about cryptography, in technical, historical, and public policy terms.

For information on the politics of cryptography and privacy, see these sources:

On the web:


For technical aspects of cryptography, see the following sources.

On the web:


  • Practical Cryptography
    Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schneier, John Wiley & Sons, 2003
    ISBN 0-471-22357-3
    (If you can only read one book on crypto, this is it)
  • Applied Cryptography, 2nd edition
    Bruce Schneier, John Wiley & Sons, 1996
    ISBN 0-471-12845-7
    (Before Practical Cryptography came out, this was the one book you needed)
  • Handbook of Applied Cryptography
    Alfred Menezes, Paul van Oorschot, and Scot Vanstone, CRC Press, 1996
    ISBN 0-8493-8523-7
  • Journal of Cryptology
    International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
  • Advances in Cryptology
    (Conference proceedings of the IACR CRYPTO conferences)
    published yearly by Springer-Verlag. See
  • Cryptography and Data Security
    Dorothy Denning, Addison-Wesley, 1982
    ISBN 0-201-10150-5
    (A good introduction to crypto for beginners, but no longer in print)
  • Protect Your Privacy - A Guide for PGP Users
    William Stallings, Prentice Hall, 1995
    ISBN 0-13-185596-4
    (Out of date with current PGP software, but technically comprehensive)
  • PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
    Simson Garfinkel, O'Reilly & Associates, 1995
    ISBN 1-56592-098-8
    (Good technical info on PGP of that era, with mostly correct history of PGP)

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To download PGP, you can rely on these trusted sites:

  • Where to find PGP
    Detailed information by Phil Zimmermann on where to find PGP, and what versions are available.
    International PGP home page, for freeware versions of PGP outside of US, including source code. Includes many foreign language translations of PGP and manuals.

For information on the history of cryptography:

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