Philip Zimmermann

Cartoon of Phil from Computer Power User Magazine

How to Contact Phil

The easiest way to reach me is by email: prz at mit dot edu. Sorry to have to spell it out that way-- I'm trying to slow down those pesky spammers.

If you want to know where to get PGP, information about PGP, or PGP source code, click here.

If you need to call me, I hope you will forgive the filtering mechanism that follows to get my phone number:

(1) Some people tell me that it is not a good idea to put my home phone number on my web page. (4) They say that I will be swamped with phone calls from everyone who has a question about how to use PGP. (1) Experience has shown that they are right. (5) I would rather that people who have questions about how to use PGP read the fine manual, or failing that, contact Symantec to ask those questions, or, failing that, ask any other randomly chosen person who knows how to use PGP. (5) But I want to make it possible for some people to reach me directly; journalists, for example, or prospective clients for my consulting business, or any other business contacts. (3) Since I work at home most of the time, (9) I am putting my home office's phone number here on my web page. (3) Sometimes I get calls at inopportune hours by journalists who seem unaware that I do not live on the U.S. east coast, I now live in Europe, which is six hours later than New York, and nine hours later than California. (5) So please be aware of time zones when you call. (3) I wanted to make sure that anyone who calls me has read all this, so to get my home office's phone number, reread this paragraph and you will find interspersed with the text all eleven digits of my phone number listed one digit at a time in parentheses, starting with the country code. (5)

Philip Zimmermann
The Hague, Netherlands