Philip Zimmermann

Phil's Public Keys

For a copy of these keys you can import directly into PGP, click here.

Note: These public keys are provided here only to help you verify my old signatures. Please do not use them to encrypt messages to me. Why? Because I don't have a PGP client that runs on my iPhone, which is where I process most of my email. This means you should send me plaintext email if you want me to read it. (Yes, I know. I know.)

If you need to communicate with me securely, I suggest Apple Facetime Audio (Facetime ID:, Signal, or best of all, Silent Phone (user name: prz).

Current DSS/Diffie-Hellman Key:

Key fingerprint: 055F C78F 1121 9349 2C4F 37AF C746 3639 B2D7 795E

Older DSS/Diffie-Hellman Key:

Key fingerprint: 17AF BAAF 2106 4E51 3F03 7E6E 63CB 691D FAEB D5FC

Ancient RSA Key:

Key fingerprint: 9E94 4513 3983 5F70 7BE7 D8ED C4BE 5AA6

Responsible Behavior