Philip Zimmermann

News and Announcements

Here are links to news, announcements, press releases, or other writings that may be of interest.

Here are some press articles on the Zfone Project.

6 June 2021 PGP Marks 30th Anniversary

28 July 2006 eWeek Picks 25 Most Influential Products in 25 Years of Personal Computing

19 August 2002 New Startup PGP Corp Acquires PGP from Network Associates
(See also PGP Corp's web site)

12 Nov 2001 Zimmermann Inducted into CRN Industry Hall of Fame

24 Sept 2001 No Regrets About Developing PGP

5 June 2001 PGP Marks 10th Anniversary

19 Feb 2001 Zimmermann leaves Network Associates

19 Oct 2000 ADK bug in PGP

A significant moment from PGP's earlier history:
12 Jan 1996 Zimmermann's Defense Lawyer Announces Case Dropped